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Welcome to X-Plugins.

We specialize in unique software solutions.


  • Gizmo64 - Lua scripting and rich multimedia API's for X-Plane.
    Our most popular product can be found at the heart of cutting edge consumer flight simulation.
    The plugin provides a rich and powerful script API for artists to create cutting edge products using the simplicity of Lua scripting.

  • xpsdk.net - .NET bindings for the X-Plane SDK. (beta)

  • x-httpd - An Open Source web-server for X-Plane. (alpha)

Community Projects

  • Hughes H500D Helicopter
    Working in collaboration with Brett Sumpter and Alex Gifford we created one of X-Planes most iconic models ever.
    Implemented all plugin code to help bring Alex's artistic vision to life.

  • XPlane2Blender - "OBJ8" Export scripts for Blender 2.49
    - Defined manipulator workflow.
    - Wrote export code in Python by extending existing scripts.

  • DataRefTool - An Open Source dataref tool created by Lee C Baker.
    - Provided code patch to allow for dynamic dataref registration by other plugins at runtime.

Need a custom solution?

If you want someone to build you a web-site I'm not your guy. Sorry.
If you have a project that's a little out-of-the-ordinary I'd love to hear about it.